Solid Bulk Terminal

• Composed of 03 warehouses with a semi-V bottom, with 100,000 tons of storage capacity;
• Operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
• Simultaneous movement of sugar and grains;
• Road reception and road/rail expedition;
• Truck sorting yard located at Posto CPA (BR 376, Km 190 - Marialva/PR).


Road unloading

Wagon loading

Fuel Storage

• 92,000 m³ of static tank capacity;
• Operation 7 days a week;
• Products handled at the terminal: gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol;
• Reception and shipment by road and rail;
• Provision of space transfer and storage/transshipment services;
• Own chemical analysis laboratory.


Reception and shipment by truck

Reception and shipment by wagon

Ethanol Trading

Operating since 2000 in the brokering of ethanol sales from mills, CPA has consolidated its position as the largest ethanol trading channel to the states of the Southern Region.

Currently representing 16 anhydrous and hydrous ethanol supply plants, CPA serves a wide network of local and national fuel distributors, in addition to operating in the fuel and industrial ethanol export chain, ranging from trading to port logistics.

Professionalism, agility, transparency and credibility are the bases of CPA's commercial performance, resulting in the best channel for the development and viability of business between shareholder producers and distributors in a regular and safe manner.