CPA Trading

CPA Trading S.A. is a privately-held corporation created in 2003. It is made up of 5 sugar and ethanol industry groups, comprising 16 mills that together account for approximately 2 million tons of VHP sugar and 1 billion liters of ethanol.

CPA Trading's focus is on the commercialization and brokering of anhydrous and hydrous ethanol from the shareholder plants in the physical market and represented to the domestic and foreign markets.

CPA Armazéns Gerais

CPA Armazéns Gerais Ltda., controlled by CPA Trading S.A., headquartered in Sarandi, State of Paraná, was created with the objective of offering a logistical solution for the transshipment and storage of products, operating in the reception and shipment of solid (sugar, grains and derivatives) and liquid (fuel and flammable) bulk goods by road and rail. Its terminals are able to issue certificates of deposit and warrants.

The Solids Terminal is made up of 3 warehouses with a total capacity of 300,000 tons, operating in road and rail modes, in the transshipment of solid bulk cargoes such as Sugar and Grains.

The Liquids Terminal consists of 17 tanks with a total capacity of 92,000m³, and is one of the largest liquid bulk terminals in the Southern Region, operating through road and rail modes, in the movement of fuels (Fuel and Biofuels).


Fundação Carlos Alberto Vanzolini, an INMETRO-accredited body with international recognition and a member of IQNet, is responsible for certification and audits of CPA's Quality Management Systems. These audits aim to ensure the compatibility of the system with the requirements of NBR ISO 9001/2008. Achieving ISO certification represents, for any company, a certificate of national and international recognition of the quality of its management.

Storage Units

CPA meets the requirements established in the MAPA normative instructions required for the storage and conservation of agricultural products.

The Storage Unit is in compliance with the precepts contained in MAPA Normative Instruction IN 29/2011 and other requirements for Certification of Storage Units in the Natural Environment.

Quality Policy

  • To continuously improve operational efficiency while maintaining good practices in the storage and handling of products;
  • To meet the legal requirements relevant to the activities of the company;
  • To meet the expectations and needs of shareholders, employees and customers;
  • To ensure business continuity;
  • To promote safe practices at work and in the environment.


To add value to shareholders, employees and customers, offering logistics and commercial solutions in the agribusiness and fuel segment.


To be recognized as a company of excellence in logistics and commercial operations in a sustainable and profitable manner.

Social Responsability

Transparent, ethical work, respect for the environment, goals compatible with sustainable and cultural development result in Social Responsibility.

In recognition of the efforts of the social and educational measures, the CPA Group was able to obtain the "Child Friendly Company" seal awarded by the ABRINQ Foundation.